Web Hosting And Domain Hosting

What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting

There is a bit of confusion between web hosting and domain hosting among new bloggers. Though these may seem to go hand in hand, they are two different things.

So if you are seeking to have a clear or a detailed understanding of the two terms or the difference between web hosting and domain hosting in a few simple steps?

Let’s start with some considerations.

Every website needs both, web hosting and domain hosting.

It is very common to get confused between the two as most people buy both from the same provider.

So what’s the difference?

What is a Domain Hosting?

A domain hosting service creates domains and registers them to an owner in exchange for an annual subscription fee.

Different types of domains have different prices usually starting at $ 10.

What a domain represents for visitors to a specific website is very similar to a home address.

Each domain has a corresponding IP address which sets its location on the Internet.

Of course, it is much easier to remember and share a domain name than a real IP address.

The domains are classified into different levels.

The most common would be the generic top-level domain, followed by the second-level domain.

From a domain host, you acquire ownership of that domain and have to pay an annual fee to maintain it.

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Web hosting and domain hosting explained

What is a Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that offers file space for your website.

You can’t build a website without web hosting.

It is often possible to place both hostings on the same server.

Small websites often choose this option.

The fact is that one of the websites on a shared server may receive a wave of visits and block the server.

At that point, it is advisable to structure a dedicated web hosting for each site.

Thus, each website is hosted on its own server.

Since websites don’t share a server they can have a lot more rental traffic.

Finally, managed hosting becomes confusing even for some because on WordPress you have a whole team with developers always at your disposal.

Why should you split Web Hosting and Domain Hosting?

Now let’s see the differences between the two and the reasons for separating hostings.

The first reason is that if a hacker gains access to the domain he can access all your files.

Thus, you would lose everything.

The second reason is that if for a reason you buy both hosts from the same provider on the same day when they expire you lose both.

If you don’t switch hosts before this happens, you can completely lose your domain.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you to better understand the differences between web hosting and domain hosting.

Put what you have learned from these explanations into practice and your business will be safe!

Good luck!

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