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Make Money Blogging: How Money can be made through Blogging

Many minds are preoccupied that blogging is just a hobby. Whichever group you’re in, making money with a blog is key being it a hobby blog or a business blog.

It’s not a get rich quick ordeal though, but if you do it right, you could make enough to support your family and more. Let’s dive in and see how you can make a profit with your blog.

This can be achieved when you have interest and zeal. Patient and dedication are also needed to build befitting traffic. How then do successful bloggers do? Research reveals their monetization secrets though.

This guide tends to uncover the concrete plans to establish and grow a blog into a profitable little business from home.

What’s in this guide?

Starting a Blog

Getting started with blogging may seem easier but not really easier per se most importantly when you have little or no idea.

When it comes to setting up blog, two basic options will be considered. The use of free blogging platform or creating your own website which we are going to guide you through by identifying their prospects and challenges that will serve you in taking the right decision.

1. Free Blogging Platforms

Best for: The idea is not to aim for perfection but just to write. Honestly, you never know what blog post could go viral or what…

Pros: the set up here is at no cost but easily done.

Cons: the level of operation here is limited in its customization, image uploads and often some adverts or affiliate links are not allowed.

Many platforms may give room for this type of setup whose features are commendable but this can be done casually with changes to suit you in the end.

Truthfully, a free blogging platform is limited in its entire operation making it difficult even to upload large videos and images, same in its storage nature.

One of the shortcomings is your blog URL most times display ‘’ with the platform branding instead of your branding.

Virtually all blogs of this type don’t permit banner adverts or affiliate links on your site which ought to have generated revenue streams for most bloggers.

Nevertheless, here we present you with a quick rundown of the best free online blogging platforms.

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Blogging Guide, Make money blogging

Super Blogging Site

  • – customization and operational features of this blog type is limited despite its easiest nature of usage. WordPress as a free basic blog hosting service does not allow ads and branding until a fee is paid monthly.
    • Blogger – despite the limited options posed, Google’s free blog hosting service is easy to use with minimal options of new features to be added if need be.
    • Medium – Here, writing has taken a centre stage rather than design.  Journalists, writers and experts are greatly involved whose works are shared with a particular community creating little or no room for ads and personal branding.
  • Generate your own Website

Best for: the users here are seen as committed bloggers eager to make money from their blog.

Pros: Absolute control of operation both in design and customization is offered with your URL.

Cons: payment is made first for a domain name (URL) and then for hosting.  We avail you the tips in keeping the costs low

When you are not a tech-savvy, the fear factor will not afford you an opportunity of creating a website. Be aware that it does not take time of creating one.

Save the students founder, Owen, has written an easy-to-follow, step guide to show you how to start a website.

With your own website, you’ll be able to create unique personal branding (with your own URL), and there’s no risk of your blog being deleted by the platform without your consent – you’ll own the site and be in complete control.

The beauty of having a website is having absolute control of your website. You can create Unique Personal Branding (URL) with no risk of your blog been deleted by the platform. 

WordPress is web publishing software where you can create a beautiful website or blog. It may be the easiest and most flexible blogging with a website Content Management System (CMS) for beginners.

You are therefore advised to go for something clear and simple with so much space to accommodate large images and also easy to read.

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Choosing Blogging Topics

Starting your blog could be simple and also tougher; it depends on your perceptions.

The bases at this point of setup are to find suitable niche that can afford you authority. Mistake many beginners here make is using unclear messages and products instead of trying something different.

For instance, you need to be creative by using concepts that offer unique tools in nature.

The different ways topics can be found for your new blog are treated here:

1. Look at other blogs – Take a look at existence blogs both successful and failed ones this will help in perfecting yours thereby bringing in new concept to the market.

2. Use Google – Using Google suggested searches and auto-complete to discover what people are looking for, the search for it is a testimony of the high demand.

3. Search forums for common FAQs – this is where when answers to questions are not found when searched for, the next point of visit is search forum. This shows what people are interested in and what they are short of ideas on.

4. Track current trends – staying tuned with the media present you the opportunity of picking up new topics or getting to work on the existing ones. Searching #journalrequest on Twitter shows what kind of themes journalists are reporting in recent times.

5. Think about different types of content – different contents when identified serve as guide. Such as tutorials/how-to guides? Reviews? Interviews? Lists? It may be what is missing in your good work but how to write that made the difference.

Identify your interests and passions – the outcome of your good blogging is a testimony of your interest and passion. For people get bored when they have little or no interest in reading what is posted and can write you off.

Blogging tutorial

How to Increase your Blog Traffic

As soon as your website is created, your first topics and works to be published must be interesting in order to capture the minds of readers.

Note that people cannot magically locate your blog and start reading that is what brings about the role of promotion.

Fine here the best and simplest ways to find more readers for your blog.

1.         Promote your blog on social media

Like any other business setup today, you will be misinformed and out of reach if you don’t have social media account.

We advise that consistency be maintained in colour/scheme/theme of your blog for easy identification when setting up pages/accounts for your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn.

With this, you can share new posts and tag fellow bloggers/influencers/companies that might share your content to reach bigger audience.

Getting access to paid advertising will help your blog compete and reach a wider audience so as to generate more likes. Once followers are established and are kept interested with regular posting, you are good to go.

2. Connect with other bloggers

Getting connected with other people who share similar topics despite been seen as competitors prove your chances of reaching out to a wider audience. It is indeed supportive in nature.

A lot of bloggers do have a ‘links’ page on their site which they use to link to loads of their friends within the community in return for a link on your own blog. This will help massively with your SEO (that’s search engine optimisation – how likely your blog is to pop up in Google searches).

If opportune to engage with other bloggers and share in their content, this open way for collaborations and you can also be favoured.

3. Answers to New Stories on your Blog

Getting involved with news related to your niche get you more exposed and this is known as ‘Newsjacking’.

4. Create Viral Content

Creating viral content help reach a new market and also increase your readership.

The key to creating viral content is to tap into controversial or highly discussed topics related to your niche blogging field which often involves newsjacking. Often it is easier to initiate but difficult to handle. 

While you are passionate, opinionated and knowledgeable because of your niche, you can also be able to post opinions that people would like to read, share and talk about.

How to Make Money Blogging

Immediately you got your blog up and running, finally you can start finding ways of making profit from it.

Find the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger.

1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog

The use of affiliate marketing is done by adding tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog. Small commission can be earned every time a reader clicks through to a site been recommended with a purchase.

The added affiliate links direct readers to the website of a brand, in company of money for readers’ redirection.   

If not all, most of online eCommence website do affiliate program such as Amazon, Topshop, ASOS, and Apple

Sign up to Affiliate Window – this network is where over thousands of well established brands and services all over the world are promoted.

Money-saving blogger, Claire Roach from MoneySavingCentral revealed:

Aside affiliate marketing here been our main source of revenue, Google AdSense also serve extra few pounds monthly.

As suggested by Ceri Jones of, affiliate marketing naturally fit for many bloggers.

The primary aim of a blogger is to recommend products and services to your readers. Basic information are found here hence companies offer affiliate programs for many to join and earn commission.

The idea here is to validate and genuinely affiliate marketing. Review and articles are written here with honest opinion which encourage readers to buy genuine product or services.

2. Add Banner adverts to your website

This is a visual way of advertising, banner advertising space on your blog page are sold for branding.

The essence of adverts is to attract readers, despite not having a specific pattern of doing so, it is also recommended that when placed across the top of blog pages or in the sidebar can attract readers most.

Income earn through adverts are of two forms which could be CPC (cost per click) where payment is gotten through every reader who clicks the advert while CPM (Cost per thousand) implies to negotiate a set payment for every 1,000 ‘impressions’ the ad gets.

The CPC and CPM may term to be low with development of AdBlocker plugin but that depends on your industry, there is little harm in trying them out.

One of the fastest ways of getting started is by creating an account with Google AdSense.

3. Write advertorials and sponsored content

The best way of monetising a blog is by offering sponsored content opportunities (advertorials). Records available shows it is fundamental in adverts in form of paid-for-article or blog post.

Imagine Adidas brings out a new swimwear line and you have a blog on women’s sportswear, you may be hired and paid for to write an article about their range with affiliate links to be added.

Such monetization pattern works better if you have a strong niche audience. Many brands can only have interest to discuss sponsored post with you when discovered that your readers have expanded.

Kenzie Harvey of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blog LemonaidLies once said:

Most of the sponsored content opportunities benefited from comes through PR companies directly or apps like the Instagram agency Takumi.

4. Charge for Sponsored social media posts

Your consistent presence on a media space attracts brands in your favour. Many bloggers earn their income high through sponsored posts on social media. The charges are per post/re-post

Working to have followers should be your priority. The prove of how people follow you on social media is seen by brands  which many readers will like what you post about them.

Write Guest Blog Post for Media Outlets

Often, need do arise by members of the press (or even brands who have a blog of their own) wishing to know if you are in authority on specific topics, requesting you to make a contribution on their website.

If your knowledge base is on cooking on a budget, for instance, print media might come requesting to offer some budget-friendly recipes to their cooking magazine.

Always be ever ready in sharing ideas to publications, even if editors have no idea of you, a quick email intro is a way of getting your blog’s name.

5. Work with an Agency to Build your Blog

It is not a disputing fact that blogging is very popular when it comes to advertising in a media space. Manu agencies specifically are design to promote bloggers to big brand.

It is really lucrative when working with agencies that offers security on your blog.

Which is while agency fees are exceedingly high, this is why the biggest brands can be able to afford to work with you thereby seen off the smaller independent agencies.

Be reminded that, it all depends on the kind of blogging business you are establishing. Using ethical fashion blogging as an example, agency fees might prevent you from working with the small independent designers you really want to promote.

6. Sell Digital Products on your Blog

Your skills matters most in this regards, certainly charges are done in your favour before having access to eBooks, videos tutorials, courses or workshops.

In achieving such feat, you must showcase your skills and talent extremely through your content to be incredibly valuable. Remember it is not an easy task though.

It’s always difficult in convincing online communities to pay up because people think everything online ought to be free of charge (FOC).

7. Sell your blog’s newsletter space

Your brand for advertising space or a mention in your weekly/monthly newsletter (if you have any) is considered optional. Little time is required in doing so with a fair amount required.

Nevertheless, a decent size mailing list is required in order to help build brands.

8. Get employers’ attention as a blogger

Your blog can promote your own business or even land yourself a job with this you can make cash with your blog.

For your blog to be a perfect platform to promote what you have to offer, all you need is to be consistent in what you offers.

You can be credible in building your blog as a sort of online profile by showing your skills and hopefully of getting a good job out of it.

Note that you bog is like your small business in nature, your potentials here will help promote your blog to achieve its target goal.

For more ideas on how you can put your website to good use, check out these 20 ways to make money from a website

The Biggest Challenges When Monetising a Blog

As the saying goes, nothing good comes easy until hard work is applied despite daunting challenges.

Be aware false impression can kill your dreams regarding blog monetization that it is time consuming. Whereas a lot of blog make money monthly.

To venture into a blogging as a full time income source, only multiple income streams from a selection of sources will guarantee you. It takes time to monetise a blog hence it relies on having traffic. For more readers attract more advertisers.

Blogger Urszula Makowska once said, many bloggers choose to monetise early in their blogging journey.

That his journey of blogging started while in the College, the blogging started receiving monetization hence I was putting in my time and efforts in creating posts, paying photographers for shoots, which prompted my full time involvement hence my passion and love for blogging.

One of the greatest challenge bloggers faced is competition as submitted by Kelle from lifestyle website its Kelle’s Space,

Excelling as a bloggers most especially while in the same niche is quite challenging as regards opportunities.

When a blogger shows dedication and consistency, the chances of been seen out there by many are high despite the blogging market been flooded with many aspiring bloggers.

Ceri Jones added:

It is as a result of the challenging nature of blogging that commitment and consistency is needed to help monetize blogging. The only regret could be of not starting early.

I managed to make my first £50 in my first month of monetizing, and this month I’ve made just over £200. I’m now starting to be contacted by companies for sponsored posts, so hopefully my monthly income will continue to increase!

Can you really make money from blogging?

Certainly money can be made from blogging going our discussion here. The question now is, how much money that can be made from it? This varies in the nature of monetizing a blog at the start but time is also needed to ascertain how much that can be made from it.

Monetizing is judged by the traffic received by a blogger. The more readers you have, the more attractive you are to advertise.

Making a cool income from blogging comes through multiple streams of income with different sources and through different means.

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