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7 steps to make your WordPress website

Do you want to create a WordPress website?

If you follow this step-by-step guide it will be very simple.

Don’t be scared if you have no technical knowledge.

The instructions are for beginners like you and require no special knowledge.

I have created this complete guide on how to make a WordPress website just for you.

If you are more experienced this guide can be equally useful.

Before starting to build your WordPress website you need a domain name and WordPress hosting to store your files.

If you are wondering how much a WordPress website costs, the answer is not simple.

There is no fixed cost for a wordpress website.

If you try to create a professional website for your business you can pay $100 to $30,000 per year.

My advice is to try starting small and enrich your WordPress website slowly by growing and increasing the features you need.

In this way, you will save money and optimize your investments.

In my opinion, the best platform for creating websites is WordPress.

This platform is totally free and allows you to roll out the features gradually.

Now let’s see the 7 main steps to create your WordPress website.

Let’s go!

#1. Setup

To get started you need to choose the right platform.

As I have already told you I recommend you to use WordPress.

It is comfortable, simple, and intuitive.

It will take you very little to learn how to use it and it is free.

Within the platform, you will have to select all the features you need and decide the package you prefer for your WordPress website.

At this point, you can proceed with the installation of the platform.

#2. Install WordPress

To create your WordPress website you need a hosting server.

The platform suggests you use Bluehost.

Within the platform, you will find all the instructions to automatically install your WordPress.

It’s very simple and with a couple of clicks, you’ll find yourself in your WordPress dashboard.

I advise you to follow these directions because they are the simplest solution for you.

You can also decide to install WordPress separately on your PC but it is a complex and long process.

#3. Select Your Theme

This is the most creative part of the process of building a WordPress website.

You can decide the visual appearance of your website.

WordPress is based on a system of themes that allow you to customize the look of your pages.

The platform provides you with many different free and paid themes to choose from.

You can select the most suitable for you and make it unique with customizations.

Remember that the first thing your audience observes is your website design.

Never neglect it.

WordPress initially offers you a default theme and from there you can start to improve it.

#4. Add Content To Your Site

If you are blogging for your WordPress website you need constantly updated content.

You can create content in two ways: with posts or with pages.

Pages are static elements that are rarely updated.

Posts are critical to your blog.

You have to constantly update them and they are displayed in chronological order.

The platform by default shows your latest posts on the front page of your WordPress website.

Don’t worry if your content isn’t perfect.

You can update your content whenever you want, even after publishing the post.

#5. Customizing and Tweaking Your Website

After creating your WordPress website content you need to curate and make it catching for your audience.

It is very important to sell your post well.

You need to grab the attention of your audience otherwise they won’t dwell on your post

You can customize your content to the smallest detail making it unique.

Here are some tips to improve the quality of your content.

You can set up a static first page.

You can change site title and tagline.

You can set up comments settings.

You can create navigation menus.

#6. Installing Plugins

Now you need to increase the features of your WordPress website.

Plugins are for this.

They improve and increase the capabilities of the platform.

If you add quality plugins to your WordPress website you will get more quality from your content.

There are plugins and extensions for your every need.

There are free plugins and paid plugins.

You just have to be careful to choose the quality ones and the ones that suit you.

Plugins are like apps for your smartphone.

They serve to increase the possibilities of your device and to improve performance.

#7. Mastering WordPress

The WordPress platform is very simple and intuitive.

For any problem, they offer you free assistance at any time.

Now everything is ready to create your WordPress website.

I hope my directions on how to create your WordPress website were clear and useful.

Good luck with your business!

how to make a WordPress website
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