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10 Free google keyword tools

Are you looking for Google keyword tools for your business?

In this short guide I will show you the best Google keyword tools that are right for you.

All the tools that I propose to you in this list are entirely free.

If you are starting a blogging business and want to start SEO, these Google keyword tolls are perfect for you.

They will help you optimize your website for search engines.

Let’s start!

#1. Google Trends

The first Google keyword tool that I propose is called Google Trends.

The function of this tool is to show you the popularity of a particular keyword over time.

This way you can see the search volumes of that keyword and understand its trend.

This tool is very useful because it helps you plan the calendar of your content.

You can decide to publish your posts in correspondence with the popularity of certain keywords.

It is also very useful for avoiding targeting of the wrong keywords.

If you manage e-commerce you need to check the trend of the keywords related to your products.

#2. Keyword Generator

The second Google keyword tool that I suggest is called Keyword Generator.

For each “seed” you search for in the software, up to 150 related keywords are returned to you.

Together with the keywords it also suggests the related search volumes.

Furthermore, for the first 10 results you will also have indicated the difficulty score.

Be careful to select the right reference country otherwise you will get wrong scores.

You can decide to use Keyword Generator also for Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

#3. Keyword Sheeter

The next Google keyword tool that I recommend is Keyword Sheeter.

This tool is an auto-complete suggestion collector from Google.

If you don’t have a clear idea for your akeyword, this tool is perfect for you.

Generate around 1000 free ideas per minute for your business.

Its drawback is simplicity.

It’s too lean and doesn’t show you keyword search volumes and doesn’t group keywords.

It also has a feature called “positive and negative filters”.

By applying this filter you can decide to include or exclude certain words from your keywords.

#4. Answer the Public

Now I suggest one of the best Google keyword tools called Answer the Public.

This tool finds you questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetic and related searches.

I know it can be confusing but this tool is very useful because it is really complete.

Answer the Public offers you all the questions related to that particular keyword.

Then it suggests the propositions.

And so to follow with all the other categories.

#5. Keyword Surfer

Now let’s see the next Google keyword tool which is called Keyword Surfer.

This is a free Chrome extension.

This tool shows you the global and monthly search volumes for your keywords.

The data of this software is based on 19 countries.

Unfortunately this tool does not show you the search volumes in block.

#6. Keyworddit

Now let’s analyze Keyworddit.

This is one of the best Google keyword tools for extracting keyword ideas from Reddit.

Finds you up to 500 keywords.

This tool is great if you want to discover new niches and explore them thoroughly.

Keyworddit also suggests the language used by that specific niche.

This tool is based on data from the United States.

It provides you with monthly search volumes and gives you an idea of the popularity of each sub-topic.

#7. Google Search Console

One of the most effective Google keyword tools is Google Search Console.

This software shows you how your website is performing in organic search.

It is essential to view the data relating to the keywords you are already ranked for.

#8. Questiondb

Let’s move on to the next Google keyword tool.

This tool is called Questiondb and is used to find all the questions of web users about a specific topic.

The data that the software pulls comes from Reddit.

The order of the questions is determined by their popularity but you can choose to select them by topic.

This is very useful if you want to write a blog.

This way you can decide to answer a certain specific question.

#9. Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword Generator is the next of the best Google keyword tools.

This is a perfect keyword research tool for SEO.

It is able to generate keywords based on their industry.

Starting with a search seed, the software analyzes all keywords in that industry based on their SEO scores.

#10. Google

One of the most powerful Google keyword tools is definitely Google itself.

Through Google, you can get an infinite amount of keyword ideas.

Google has a lot of features and is undoubtedly the most complete tool for analyzing the best keywords for your projects.

I hope I helped you with this short guide on the best free Google keyword tools.

Boost your business!

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